St. Patrick’s A.C. Annual Dinner and Awards Night-12.12.2014

Truly a night to treasure! From the excellent service provided by Dolmen staff and quality of the Buffett, awards presentation, raffle prizes, address by the Club President, to the gripping message by Fr. Lawrence Essery, ensured that everyone was engaged throughout the night.


Following a slow start, with the help of some aperitifs, at around nine all was set and everyone was settled down for the first run at the appetisers. As in the true nature of an athletic circle and an atmosphere duly entertained, the courses were through in a matter of an hour and a half making way for the annual awards.



Though without prior notice Valerie Farrugia a friend of the club and a sport ambassador, accepted our invitation to present the awards for the season 2013-2014. Monica Piscopo and Melvin Pellicano were the first to be crowned with their achievement in the Road Running – Participation Awards Scheme, and followed by Carmen Hili and Ibrahim Hussen Ahmed in the Road Running Top Athlete Awards. The road running awards were followed by the track and field awards which celebrated some new blood to the club’s firepower. The multi-sport awards were duly distributed with special mention going to Danica Spiteri Bonello and Victor Sammut for distinction achieved in their endeavours. Bonuses for 2013 to 2014 were distributed to athletes who achieved significant performance goals. Finally other merits were distributed to club members for their special role in the club and in recognition to their constant support to the club’s values.


Done with the awards, it was the Mr. Stephen Spiteri’s turn to give his address as president of the club. In his expression of gratitude for the special number of attendees, his acknowledgment for the presence of honorary member Fr. Lawrence Essery and the invitation to the latter to contemplate a few thoughts resulted in another turn of event. Fr. Essery wits as orator, recalling the club’s founders and past members got the attention of the gather flowing thoughts of the true value of sport and what it means being a St. Patrick’s AC member and athlete.


With the passion and deep message of Fr. Essery’s speech still seeping through the president proceeded with his address, rendering recognition for the achievements by club members in the track and field and running sections with the first victory in the female’s track and field Club’s league, achievement by the club’s young track and field athletes in foreign competitions and the Malta Half and Full marathon victories. A special mention was made to Jonathan Balzan who made the Malta Marathon and Malta International Challenge Marathon double. Mr. Spiteri praised the support by the club’s main partner Nestle Malta with their brand Nestle Fitness and cited that such assistance is key to the club’s operations as a sports club as well as in the movement for awareness in the general well-being of society. Mr. Spiteri also embraced the efforts by the past and present administrative committee members and urged the need for more volunteers to ensure the success of our youth and top athletes a par. Mr. Spiteri closed off with thanking the attendees for accepting the invitation to attend the annual dinner and augured the attendees further successes and accomplishment in the up-coming year.

The night closed off with the raffle supported by Dolmen resort, Fitness Point-Gym, Eurosport, Buff Malta, Nestle Malta and Farsons and others which altogether ensured a total tally of 50 items up for grabs.


J Anvil and Joe Brown closed off the night in style.


St. Patrick’s A.C. – Events organising committee.