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St. Patrick's Athletics Club SPATS Members @ The Marathon - St. Patrick's Athletics Club

SPATS Members @ The Marathon

The Vodafone Malta half marathon is always an annual showcase of the best St. Patrick’s A.C. has to offer. This year was no different. The run was a slightly warm and humid one with a moderate breeze keeping the runners refreshed.

Our St.Patricks ladies dominated the field with Roberta Schembri running a superb time placing second woman overall. Joelle Cortis placed third Maltese female and fifth overall with Marica Micallef completing the trio. Our three ladies secured a second ladies team position in the half marathon!

On the men side, veteran Matthew Cutajar led the charge placing 4th Maltese male, with Clive Gerada following closely behind. Mark Pace then completed the St. Patricks’ A.C. men team who finished a respectable fifth place in a very tough field.

No stranger to long distances Keith Xuereb finished just ahead of newcomer Clive Ferrante, Rodney Cassar completed the second St. Patricks’ A.C team.

We would also like to congratulate Antoine Abela, Abram Zammit, Mark Cutajar, Renato Caruana, Aaron Simpson, David Bezzina, Amanda Vella, Savo Ristic, Zvetlana Cassar, Marisa Muscat, Chris Allison, Eugenio Farrugia, Carmel Caurana, David Parnis, Emile Vassallo, Joseph Muscat, Joseph Zerafa, Victor Laurenti, Karl Caruana, Silvana Kaiser, Godwin Cutajar, James Scicluna, Carmel Zammit, Patricia Thompson, James Farrugia, Fiorella Borg, Henrik Damato, Joseph Pace, Matt Avison, Mark Schembri, Omar Grima, Demarco David, Antoine Zammit, Martha Fitz, Charmaine Craus, Paul Caruana, Alfred De Marco, Leonard Nugent, Raisa Vella Brincat, Loren Mercieca, Melvin Pellicano, Paul Grima, Ruben Debono, Mary McBride, and Peter Barbara all of whom raced under the St. Patricks’ A.C. name and achieved amazing results! Well done guys!


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