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St. Patrick's Athletics Club About us - St. Patrick's Athletics Club

About us

The club, among the leaders in the local athletic scene, owes its existence to Fr Aidan Murray and Bro. Michael O’Meara of the Salesians School of St Patrick’s, Sliema, way back in 1962. Being a boarding school, they used to give a lot of importance to sporting activities, among these athletics and in particular cross country racing. Here, the Saints made an immediate impact by winning the team events of the 1962 Combined Secondary Schools cross country race at the first time of asking.

For several years after this, St Patrick’s were among the front-runners of the cross country scene as gradually they started making inroads in track and field athletics.

Then, in 1968, Fr Lawrence Essery joined the club and his enthusiasm for sport enabled the Saints to hold on to its athletes even after they left school. Soon, other strong athletes began to join in and together with Fr Essery himself, became a major force in Maltese athletics.

Round the bastions 1972 – Evergreen Charles Darmanin running the classic Round the Bastions Race placing 8th Overall right behind Fr.Lawrence Essery

Since its inception, the club maintained its presence in all athletic activities, in particular road running events. One will immediately realise this in all major events which are always dominated by the large number of green and yellow vests.

Since the mid-90s, the club was no longer tied to its founding school in Sliema, although Fr Essery is still an Honorary President until this day. St Patrick’s AC is nowadays more than ever an open club, with close to 300 members in its ranks.

Apart from a good number of elite athletes, however, the club is also very proud of its other members who are rarely in the limelight, but still enjoy practising the sport. They benefit from the support provided by the club, including coaching, information, a number of discounts, social activities and a newsletter – ‘The Shamrock’.


Balluta 5 Miles Race – Second from the left is Alfred Camilleri (No.1), 6th from the left is Fr,Essery and next to him 7th from the left is Charles Darmanin with the numbers 20 & 3 are two ex St. Patrick’s School athletes Joe Portelli and John Gauci